Resourcing Circle launches enhancements to make it easier to build talent pools

Resourcing Circle launches enhancements to make it easier for companies to build a talent pool of temporary staff and contractors

Resourcing Circle (www.resourcingcircle.com) has launched an enhanced version of their software which enables companies to build internal talent pools of reviewed contractors and temporary staff. Resourcing Circle automates the process of capturing reviews of contractor performance, storing up-to-date contractor CVs and sharing this information throughout an organisation.

The enhancements which have just been added provide Recruiters and Resourcing Managers with reporting on the contractors which are being used throughout their organisation. This reporting makes it easy to get information on the numbers of contractors working in different parts of an organisation, to track how they’re performing and to identify which recruitment agencies provide the best performing contractors. Resourcing Circle’s Founder and Chief Executive Errol Forbes said: “When we spoke to Resourcing Managers they said that having information on how a specific individual performed is great. However, they often had difficulty knowing how many contractors were working for their organisation, which departments they were working in or what their average contractor performance levels were like. This is why we decided to add a reporting dashboard which brings this information together in one place.”

The software enhancements also make it easier for Resourcing Managers to manage international contractor resource pools. In total the software now includes regional data for 33 countries. This enables Recruiters, Resourcing Managers and contractors based anywhere from Hong Kong to Edinburgh to New York can make full use of the software.

To help Recruiters and Resourcing Managers understand how they can benefit from the Resourcing Circle software, a demo video has been added to the Resourcing Circle website (www.resourcingcircle.com). Also, Recruiters and Resourcing Managers can sign-up to the free basic version of the software by visiting the Resourcing Circle website.

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