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Review of Lou Adlers “Using Zoominfo to Hire Passive Candidates”

As promised earlier I would listen to Lou Adler’s conference call on “using Zoominfo on recruiting passive candidates”. I will be honest here I nearly didn’t bother, as Lou didn’t return my email. So I thought why should I phone from the UK and use up my skype credit. But who looses out, me for being such a “stig in the mud” or as the Americans say “A Dumb Ass”, please correct me if it is the wrong expression.

As it turns out I am glad, as strangely it wasn’t such a big sell on zoominfo but tons of useful advice. That says something because trying to teach “this old dog new tricks” is hard! As you may know I do not recruit anymore, but Lou really got me buzzed up, to the point where I was nearly tempted to get back in and start all over again.

What really made me respect Lou was everything that he said I believe is true. The info he passed on tonight was not only free it was obviously from an experienced pro. His secrets or work ethics that he imparted will ensure that you will become one of the top billers in your company.

So although I thought I was going to right a review on Zoominfo, it ended up being about Lou. And here again Lou’s common sense approach is right on, Zoominfo wont make you rich as a Recruitment Consultant but using the tools correctly will.

In the next couple of days I am going to have a play with Zoominfo and I will report back, but what I am looking to gain from this software is to see how suitable it is for the UK market place.

So if you want to find out more about Lou Adler and his training company you need to visit

And once again thanks Lou, I really enjoyed the Seminar

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  1. Stephen – I return just about all emails, so I apologize for not responding to yours. It might have been spammed out. Regardless, I’m glad that you enjoyed the conference call and thanks for the warm comments.

    Warmest Wishes,

    Lou Adler

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