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A week in Dublin

Last week I didn’t get many chances to write any posts, as I was in Dublin at Arithon’s head office. In fact it was my first time in Dublin. What a great city, I certainly would recommend a visit, although next time I need to take some time out to take a look around.

What made me write this post and I apologies in advance if it feels like a sales pitch, I had the pleasure of meeting two of Arithon’s clients in Dublin and what stood out is their passion for the industry but more importantly from a personal note was how much they liked our recruitment software, particularly after the difficult week we had with the changing of the servers. It’s moments like that, which reaffirm why I decided to join Arithon in the first place.

So on that note I would like to thank Darren Darley of 1 Stop Recruitment and Brendan Murphy of Osborne Recruitment for making me feel so welcome and again congratulations to Osborne for reaching their 10th successive year in recruitment, a fine achievement.

I hope I get to meet you both again soon

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