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Skype's recruitment campaign!

Well in all honestly I had no idea the video was Skype´s recruitment advert, but then again I suppose that is the idea to trap us into their space!

It has been a while since I posted a recruitment video and because I am such a Skype fan, I couldn’t help but not give them a mention on Recruitment Views, as without Skype I wouldn’t even exist, well not in the form that you all know me 😉

And if you are following me on twitter, then you know I should be still writing my presentation, oh these damn distractions.

Their current vacancies can be found here

The video should be below:

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  1. Very clever advert. An ad with attention grabbing music and visuals always grabs me. As does the unknown. It reminded me of the Matrix films with human farms and also working for a bank a while back.

    I have also worked for an advertising agency, its interesting to see the technique of driving viewers from the add on-line to find out what its all about. Its going to be interesting to see what sort of response the ad receives.

    Is the ad going to be worldwide or just in the USA do you know?


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