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Struq strut their stuff for Jobsite

I am finally getting back into the swing of it after the Xmas break, but each day in I was getting further away from my first post of 2010.

So without further a do I shall start 😉

Last week while I was browsing the stats of Recruitment Views and I could not help notice a banner advert from Jobsite, but what caught my eye was that this was no ordinary advert, it was serving up vacancies related to my last visit to their site, talk about being blown away, it was as if the advert was talking to me!

In some ways I was not surprised, as I am well aware cookies are used, but it is the first time I have noticed them working.

I was fascinated on how this was happening and who was behind it, so I followed the advert back, not to jobsite but to Struq, who have developed this for their client. I then contacted them to find out more.

Although they did not want to give too much away or maybe they are not the greatest communicators, it kind of happens with IT people! They replied with almost a one liner it is all explained here, which of course it was.

This was all fine except it doesn’t lead to a great posts, so after a couple more emails, I have managed to get a slightly better insight into the company. Basically the advert has done a storm for the Jobsite Campaign, more than can be said about Portsmouth FC one could say! The advert has seen a huge improvement in click through rate, making their advertising cost more efficient, which I think says it all.

The technology is all owned and built by Struq. and their technology has 4  core engines, you can find out more about them here says Sam Barnett CEO & Founder.

The adverts are served up, not through google but via their own publisher network, proving Google do not have it all their own way. So it is of no surprise to see them get a mention in the Guardians Top 100 Tech Media Companies and for the Telegraph to say “Innovation like Struq’s is essential to the online industry”, This can only can mean we will see more companies using this technology.

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