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More on Jobster, as if there isn’t enouph already!!

I think by know we all know about the job cuts at Jobster and Jason’s press release. What has caught my eye was after first noticing the peak in activity to reach number 4 in Technorati, which is by no means a small feat, is how quickly the word has spread.

In some ways it is quite ironic having listened to Jason’s presentations on web 2.0 and how it is effecting recruitment, its almost as if his pet dog has turned round and bit the master.

It has also amazed me how many Bloggers have reported on this piece of news, not only the big name Recruiter Bloggers his employees and it feels like almost every other blogger out their at the moment.

Obviously I feel for those guys and girls who have lost their jobs, but it cannot be fantastic for Jason either to have such a negative be shouted so loudly.

Well I suppose that’s web 2.0, no more quite corners!

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