How to Start Your Own Recruitment Consultancy

Use recruitment software but do not spend a fortune!

I was going to go into more depth about Recruitment Software although I would be biased. The reason is that after 20 years in Recruitment I have finally stepped sideways to join Arithon as their UK Sales Manager. I was so impressed with their software after using it for the last 2 years; I knew I felt comfortable in promoting it. If you remember Victor Kiam, “I loved the product so much so I bought the company”, that seems to be a relevant quote here.

I have gone into more detail in regards to their software prior to joining Arithon, which you can find on this website. What I will say is that the reason I joined Arithon, is because as an ex user, this software is ideal for small to medium sized Recruitment Consultancies. When you consider bespoke software for recruitment consultancies can be so expensive and it is often developed in house for the larger consultancies, you will find that Arithon will enable you to compete at a fraction of the cost. More importantly it isn’t going to eat up your funds, at £50 a month per user; it makes it the most competitive on the market, with all the functions you could want.

The key in this business is not to waste money but use it where it is going to bring revenue, so it was such an easy decision for me not to spend a few thousand pounds on a Recruitment Software package, but instead spend it on advertising and marketing, where I knew it would bring in revenue. In addition as it is a database, I also I knew I could upgrade it later. Fortunately Arithon is always trying to be one step ahead of the competition, so I never needed too.

As this section is about starting out, I felt it is important to give an alternative, but if you are on a very tight budget then it would be worth considering an off the shelf database package, such as Maximiser. I used this 10 years ago and it was fine; although it isn’t for recruitment it will be cheaper and will get you up and running if cost is an issue.

I could go on forever about the attributes of Arithon but I suppose that’s why I joined them.


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