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What If We Didn't Lie?

  What would happen if we all told the truth, an idea put forward by Roger von Oech on his Blog Creative Think. Of the 9 points he outlines I couldn’t help pick up on “How about Job Interviews”.

Now I am sure I am not the only one here with my mind working overtime, on this little gem. Just stockxpertcom_id292058_size1imagine what would happen if the company, the recruitment consultant and the candidate could only tell the truth, what would be the repercussions?

Would then the best candidate get their perfect job, and the client their perfect candidate, for one I am not sure of the answer.

Having been the middle man for so many years and on the receiving end of lies, from candidates clients and the odd recruitment consultant, I have to admit that telling the truth would almost certainly lead to less heartaches. I have always said to my candidates that there is no point in trying to be someone you are not, as there is nothing worse than working for a company where you do not fit in.

OK I can understand a candidate not being completely truthfully, as at the end of the day they are competing for the role and only the best will succeed, so those 6 months at a company where you were fired is omitted, seems a logical thing to do.

Obviously the company gets upset because the candidate has lied and they now want their fee back, so they blame the agency for not doing a proper job, just to guarantee their refund. What they forget is that maybe the said company completely miss represented themselves, maybe they are not so dynamic, maybe the product isn’t so good after all.

Saying all this I have seen it first hand when I was offered a job with a leading search and select company, but before I accepted I said “if you recruit me for my writing skills, then I am the wrong person for the job.” I started and for the next 6 months I am writing reports, proposals, shortlist’s, resumes etc, and low and behold I leave after 6 months and of course I do not mention it on my CV.

So if we all told the truth, would anyone accept or be offered a job!


  1. Stephen: Interesting post!

    I was especially intrigued by this sentence: “Having been the middle man for so many years and on the receiving end of lies, . . . ” I’m surprised that the whole process hasn’t: 1) made you incredibly cynical; and/or, 2) led you to assume that everyone has some percentage (20?) of BS or (omitted BS) in their resume.

    Good luck to you and your readers!

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