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Where Are All The UK Recruitment Consultant Blogs?

When you think about the number of Recruitment Consultants there are in the UK, how is it that so few have a blog. Is it because they just haven’t quite latched onto this medium or can they not find the time!

I must admit I find it so disappointing to find so few UK recruiters blogging, in fact I am really only aware of Louise’s recruiters blog and mine. Maybe I am just looking in the wrong place, the only real activity seems to be from the States.

I really enjoy communicating with the recruitment blogger’s in the States, I love their attitude and passion for the industry, it can be so informative particularly in regards to the changes that will be effecting our industry.

I just wish we in the UK had the same attitude, are we really that scared to share our knowledge and thoughts incase someone steals our secrets! When you think of the talent here in the UK, I am just so surprised we haven’t taken to this social networking with recruitment.

But hey, maybe you are all writing about anything but recruitment!!

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