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Bad news for the recruitment industry

Although I was not tempted or found the time to write on my blog, I did try to keep up to date on my RSS feeds and keep my inbox as empty as possible.

One particular email that did catch my attention was a press release from Lisette from, which is a site where agencies are scored by candidates. Louise of UKrecruiter wrote about them here back in January.

The press release makes very interesting reading and for me sums up what is wrong within our industry, out of 1074 candidates surveyed 73% felt they had been lied to and 56% felt they had been pressured into going for a role.

I like many of you will not have been surprised with the results, as a Recruitment Consultant is a sales executive and not a consultant, whom like all sales people have targets to hit. The difficulty comes in trying to improve our image and I hope more people get involved with, which I am sure can only help improve standards.

But on another note if I was looking for another role as a recruiter, I would certainly look at the top ten on hirescores if I was considering a move.

You can read the full press release here.

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