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Linkedin Does it work?

Personally I like I do not use it for recruitment presently, but a few friends have found me via it and some clients have Linkedin, so I can see the value when I need to recruit next. What did catch my eye as I was adding another client, was the “ask a question function” and thought I would take a look, one that caught my interest was titled “Has anyone generated revenues through networking on Linkedin” You may like to read a few of the success stories.

The chap that posted the question was Neil Gibbons who is researching network sites for a business TV series show, it will be interesting to see how he does.

What I did try the other day was to see if there where any food buyers in the UK, as a relative of mine in Spain is looking to sell their Olive oil to the UK market. I just couldn’t believe how many where registered, I still need to follow up but it certainly proves it is a resource that should be used and my bet it is it is not used to its full potential in the UK.


  1. Why wouldn’t you use it for recruiting? Did you know the plurality of paid tier members of LinkedIn are recruiters? That is why LinkedIn pays so much attention to the kinds of functionality that the recruiting audience needs.

    Thanks for pointing us to Neil Gibbons — I just responded with how I have generated revenue from LinkedIn beyond recruiting per se.

  2. A recruiter or sourcer not making money from LinkedIn? Kind of a naive question in some ways. I’ve talked to dozens of recruiters that have made thousands and thousands of dollars because of LinkedIn. Ditto for sourcers finding the right candidate and I talk to people outside of the recruiting world that are enhancing their business or careers with it as well. I documented some of this from the 50+ interviews I conducted in creating the book LinkedIn For Recruiting.

  3. I thought I should make a comment as there is a little misunderstanding with my post. The only reason I am not using linkedin for recruitment is because presently I am not doing recruitment, and if I was it is a resource I certainly would use.

  4. We were using heavily but are cutting back and dropped our paid premium account after Linkedin’s current push penalizing open invitation users. The current policy dictates that only other users should be sent invitations if they ALREADY know you and you have their email address. Obviously, this greatly reduces new contacts. Too bad, we were getting pretty good response prior to Linkedin’s enforcement. Even paid accounts are being locked down by Linkedin.

  5. Hi Steve,

    I have a specialist permanent recruitment business and I use linked in regularly. Its great for finding contacts (employers or job seekers) and is also a good way for keeping upto date with career moves of candidates

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