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Female Only Recruitment Consultants Please!

Since writing this post Jark contacted me, saying they did not write the advert and that it was a disgruntled employee, of which we have all had them at one time or another. What was interesting is that it just shows you how careful you need to be when it comes to the Internet, not just from a candidates point of view with facebook and the likes but what the client put up on the net.

On top of all this it is disappointing that leaves these vacancies on their site since August, not only that they should be aware that the ad was illegal in the first place. I decided to leave the post as to show what actually happened to give the post its full context.

I bet that raised a few eyebrows, I have to admit I just had to show case this advert. It was advertised on the 24th of August, their only excuse is it must have been in 1996 when the company were established, even then it was illegal if I remember rightly.

But my gut feeling was it’s some rookie that joined and knows nothing about recruitment advertising, mind you surely everyone knows about sexual discrimination.

Now as my inquisitive nature was sparked I thought I would try to find this chap or chapess on linkedin! I then had my next surprise, would believe that a company turning over in excess of £40 million and 150 employees there would be one recruitment consultant, trying to push the boundaries of recruitment using probably the best business networking site on the planet, wouldn’t you!

Oh well I will leave you to read the advert below and postulate, how on earth someone got away with such and advert.

Also I have highlighted some of the best mistakes and just for your information, the only employee at the time of writing was the Technical Director on


Trainee Recruitment Consultant

Hi and thanks for your interest in this ad.
Jark Recruitment in Maidstone are looking for a bright and intellegent female to join our team as a trainee.
The successful candidate will be given full structured training in all aspects of Industrial Recruitment including canvassing clients, business development, client visits, skills matching, job placements, after service etc.
To be considered for this role you must have a strong determination to build a career within recruitment, be of strong character and hold a willingness to learn.
Key skill/attributes required are:-
Excellent communication Skills
Ability to Sell
Strong character
You will be cold calling and visiting prospective clients across Kent in order to promote and sell JARK staffing services. Therefore you must be confident to speak with people at all levels.
Once you are fully competant within this role, the opportunity to progress to Recruitment Consultant will be offered.
This is an excellent opportunity to join the Uk`s fastest growing recruitment agency.
Applications should be sent with covering letter, a picture and your salary expectations to
Many thanks and good luck!


  1. Dear Stephen

    I am writing to you regarding the post on your website referencing an advert claiming to be placed by a member of staff employed by Jark Recruitment Ltd.

    I would like to clarify the situation to ensure you are posting facts on your website and not making incorrect assumptions.

    It is true there was indeed an advert placed on Gumtree which contained information relating to our company however as you may or not be aware anyone can place an advert for free on Gumtree without any verification of who they may be and can use anyone’s credentials for replies.

    It would appear on this occasion we have been a victim of a disgruntled ex-employee attempting to disgrace and humiliate our company. Clearly from your comments you are aware we are a professional, well established national recruitment firm with a very good reputation in the industry. All our staff are inducted and educated in “The CAP Code” as set out by the “British Code of Advertising”. It therefore goes without saying an advert, such as the one you have featured on your website would never have been placed by a member of our current employees.

    We have spoken to Gumtree and they removed the advert without question immediately on the 26th.

    I would like to politely ask you remove the posting from your site to avoid any further humiliation of our business and to ensure you are not placing links to items that do not exist.

    I am also confident you do not want to run the risk of bringing the integrity of your own site and blog into question. You appear to be professional and informative and certainly value the information you supply which is undoubtedly normally very informative.

    I thank you in advance for your time on this matter and trust you will pay reasonable consideration to our polite request and respect the position we have been put in through no fault of our own.

    Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss this matter further.

    Yours sincerely

    Daniel Parr
    Technical Director

  2. Stephen I read this article with much interest and I have seen adds like this before on the net. Always makes me laugh. In response to the above from Daniel I did a google search on (James.)

    If Daniel is correct then he really needs to delete the other roles…

    I believe he is now looking for:

    Fruit Packers
    A flatshare for 30 people.

    However he must have been fired recently under the Jark section on Kent Jobs this advert is still live…
    Job Title Experienced Pallet Maker Save This Job
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    Begin a New Search
    Begin a New Advanced Search

    Reference jik/JS27
    Salary Neg
    Location Maidstone
    Start ASAP
    Hours Full-Time
    Duration Temporary
    Description We Are Looking To Recruit An Experienced Pallet Maker For A Full-Time Permanent Position Based In Maidstone.

    40 Hour Week With Hourly Pay Between £6-£7.

    If You Are Interested In This Postion And Have The Necessary Experience, Please Apply Below Today Or Call JARK Industrial In Maidstone on 01622 692 277.

    Advertised by John Stephenson at Jark Recruitment
    Posted 5:11pm on Monday 19th November 2007

  3. Hi All

    I am the guy who first posted this advert on Gumtree, who up until last week worked with Jark.

    I would firstly like to make an apology to anyone who took offence to this advert.

    When i placed this advert I was two weeks into the role of ‘Trainee Consultant’ within Jark, VERY in-experienced within the industry and was TOLD to place this advert with the corresponding requirements by an ex manager, I’m afraid my naive nature and the fact i was eager to impress ‘the boss’ lead to place the advert without thinking ( i only worked with him for two weeks, he was fired while on sick leave…)

    I love the quote;

    ‘It would appear on this occasion we have been a victim of a disgruntled ex-employee attempting to disgrace and humiliate our company.’

    I was not, until last week an ex-employee of Jark and the ad was placed for reasons previously explained.


    ‘We have spoken to Gumtree and they removed the advert without question immediately on the 26th.’

    This is also untrue, when this advert was initially flagged up by Jark’s I.T Team ( 5 months after it had been placed!!! ) i was notified and I took it upon myself to delete all adverts relating to Jark on Gumtree.

    This says it all really, and in my opinion reflects on the way Jark conduct their day to day business.

    P.S Daniel Parr is an I.T technician…

    I have recently left employment (i quit, was not fired in any way shape or form) with Jark as i cannot work with a company who conduct themselves in this way.)

    I would again like to apologise to anyone who took offence to this advert.


  4. A beautiful illustration for the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ arena that has become contingency recruitment these days.

    I particulary loved Daniel Parr’s rebuttal on behalf of Jark, as it was about as unimaginative as the company he represents. It is all especially apt given that on the Jark website, they attempt to entice customers to try their Outsourcing service by highlighting its “seemless integration”.

    Beautiful. And very, very funny.


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