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Twitter a must have for recruitment

I know it has only been a few days since I started playing with Twitter and although I am not convinced whether it is for me, time will tell of course. But for a recruitment consultant, I believe it is a must have tool in ones arsenal.

I am thinking in particular for the small recruitment company or individual consultants wanting to get an edge within their organisation. What does make me smile is that after avoiding the temptation for so long, I can now see the value ๐Ÿ˜‰

It has to be a perfect tool for the small recruiter or the individual consultant, when you consider the alternative to achieve the same result. If you did try, you would need to have a fairly sofisticated website with RSS feeds SMS text messaging and automated email responders etc. Whereas with Twitter, one Tweet you have contacted all your candidates with the latest vacancy for free instantly, what more do I need to say!

Now if you add that you can communicate to your clients and customers on a regulary basis in an imformed way, just think about how your reputation will grow and because it is viral, candidates can easily forward referrals and ontop of this you can be found via the web as a free recruitment advert.

No if you are looking for a new job then I suggest you also read Andyร‚ยดs excellent article “The ten commandments for job seekers”

So if you haven’t signed up, what’s stopping you?


  1. Twitter is great for e-recruiting. If you set up a twitter account for your company you only have one channel without any friends in the beginning. It’s still a hen and egg problem. Be smart and use the twitter accounts of your employees. There are more of them and the audience is much bigger than before.
    Why should your employees let you use their twitter accounts? Well, for money ๐Ÿ™‚ If you hire people by referral through the twitter accounts of your employees you can reward the employee. There is a smart tool that lets you use twitter for employee referral. It’s called jobs for friends

  2. Stephen,

    Great post. But can I just raise one pet hate relating to Twitter and recruitment – if I follow a recruitment type person it’s because I’m potentially interested in their stream of high value output! I don’t want to receive a stream of job Tweets – if I get that I’ll unfollow sharpish. So perhaps recruiters could have two distinct Twitter accounts – one for their thoughts / observations and a seperate one for any job Tweets.


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