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Attitude and Preperation is everything when it comes to an Interview

As mentioned in my previous post First Interview Preparation  it is very important to do your research before your interview. The obvious and easiest way to do this is to visit their web site, but to stand out you really need to go that extra mile. Maybe visit their store, or call their marketing department for brochures etc, talk to their competition so that you get a feel of the company and the role. You need to do this because you will be up against other potential candidates, so you need to shine. 

I think what is very key is ones attitude to the interview, lets take a position for a cleaner for the local McDonalds, OK it may seem a menial type of position  and not that inspiring to do your research, but I bet most of your competition will think the same. What you do need to be aware of is you do not approach the interview with a positive attitude ie if you perceive the role as menial then I guarantee you will not get the job. You will then shrug it off and say “well it was just a cleaning job” and move onto the next failed interview

If you look at the position from a different perspective, in that you see the position as a cleaner for its true value, in that the companies reputation and licence depends on how well you perform. Then you will have more respect for the role, and the company will see this and you will stand out from the other 50 candidates who just turned up.

Just to take this one step further, in my village the cleaner did more than just cleaning, he chatted to all the customers, entertained the children, his jacket was covered in colorful pins and he made a difference in the store. As a result he was treated with respect and he became a celebrity with the local newspaper even running a article on him. He became more than just a cleaner!


So to recap you really need to think about the role to treat the interview with the correct attitude, it isn’t just about the company it is about what you can do for the company. When the company interview you they will be looking for the one candidate who shines. So don’t just turn up, do your research on the company and the role because the company will see the difference in you.

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  1. The points mentioned in the article are great. Its the person who adds value and can make a difference just by changing his attitude towards the interview and job at hand.

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