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Benedix Great Recruitment Website

I must see thousands of videos that come via my RSS feed, I watch very few due to the amount of rubbish and irrelevant material that is fed to me under the title of recruitment. Still today I happened to spot one from a recruitment company called Benedix, who specialise in training and recruitment for the Banking and Finance sectors, whose video made me want to look further.

I wanted to give them a mention because of how well they have put together their site, as it is quite unique and is almost a cross between a job board and a recruitment company. I do not know too much about this company, but I hope to get an update with a response from them to this post.

As recruitment sites go they have made a huge effort in making themselves stand out from the crowd, there are vacancies, support for their candidates in the form of downloads and training courses. For the clients they do research, train candidates and even do recruitment. On top of this they offer support to the Universities there by getting the candidates early, which is probably why recruiters are using them. What did surprise me after doing a quick search on Linkedin to see who is employed at the company I came up with a complete zero, which doesn’t make sense, surly if you are experts in the field you would want to show this off to your clients and candidates!

I have to admit I was disappointed in not finding them on Linkedin, I can only assume they are a smallish company trying to look bigger, if so they have done a good job so far. My only criticism is their blog, which needs to be updated regularly and after a few good posts they have lost their momentum, mind you yours truly isn’t as prolific as I used to be 😉

So although they seem a little unusual as recruitment companies go in having corporate and recruitment companies as clients, my gut feeling is they are doing the right thing to beat this difficult trading period. I am sure by giving added value to their clients and candidates it will differentiate them from the rest.

Time will tell of course but it wouldn’t surprise me if they take a few scalps, in this difficult sector.

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