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There seems to be an endless supply of new job boards trying to take on the volume merchants, and to be honest they are wasting their time trying to compete with the likes of Monster, Reedjobs or Totaljobs. If you want my opinion concentrate on a niche and give something extra to the clients and candidates.

Now if you are going to take on these Monsters, then you really need to have something different and unique to offer, like taking advantage of the social networks as did Linkedin and Jobster or look completely outside the box with Zubka or Jobtonic.

Saying this I thought I would still give this new start up a little help, particularly as they are offering the ability to search cv’s and advertise for free, for 3 months. On that alone it is worth looking at just to save some high advertising costs.

That aside I think has something to offer and although I am reticent about video cv’s, I think jobs2view have a different take on the idea, where candidates can apply with video and clients can advertise with their corporate version, many of which I have posted on Recruitment Views, there by taking advantage of the youtube generation.

So Jobs2view will I am sure find it tough, but they have financial backing and are taking advantage of this relatively new medium, but more importantly they are not relying on this exclusively, time will tell of course but I wish them the very best.


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