How to Start Your Own Recruitment Consultancy

Stuck in a Restrictive Covenant

A while back I was made aware of a new website called Zubka, a job board with a web 2.0 twist. At the time and I was not convinced, and recently Louise made reference to them. What made me look again, was a recent email they sent and a client looking to start out on his own, but worried about restrictive Covenants in recruitment contracts.

My normal response to restrictive covenants is to have a back up, just in case your previous employer decides to take you to court. Because without your contact list you are going to find it tough at the beginning. I should know as it happened to me twice and I survived.

So if you find you cannot contact your old client list then Zubka could help, because here you have a list of clients or agencies who are willing to pay referral fees giving you an opportunity to earn some revenue while while your hands are tied for a year.

A word of warning is agencies that use the system will prefer to place someone and get a full fee rather than pass on a percentage, so choose carefully look at the agencies who are trying to fill positions they don’t normally recruit for as a starting point.

With good fees to be earnt from £1000 up it is worth taking a look, while you are waiting for the restrictive covenants to be lifted!

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