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Recruitment and Social networking as seen by Jason Goldberg

Well I finally found time to watch the video of CEO Jason Goldberg, who gave a keynote address at ERExpo in Hollywood just over a week ago.

The presentation is quite long just over 40 minutes, but is certainly worth taking time out to watch if you want to get an angle on web 2.0. What I particularly got out of his presentation apart from his passion for Jobster and social networking, was the way he explained how the web has changed and how blogs, social networks, Myspace, tags etc affect us within recruitment, I do not think it could have been explained better.

The second half of the presentation is Jason’s pitch for Jobster, which if it is something you are considering then this will probably be best pitch you will ever get. For me it really helped me get an angle on what Jobster is all about and how to really find those high quality candidates you are looking for.

Having now reflected on what Jason said it finally hit home, talented people know talented people and experts mix with experts, although this is obvious I now finally understand how Jobster uses the net to pull it all together, sorry Jason it took me so long!

In reality it’s taking the referral system in recruitment, 10 steps further.

To watch the video if you haven’t already follow this link

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