Recruitment Views hacked again!

Talk about exasperated, I cannot believe I had to look into Recruitment Views again, as it was crashing virtually every time I went into the admin section of WordPress.

It is a sure sign my site was hacked again, so I had no choice but to completely wipe it from the server and delete the database, no fun whatsoever!

All passwords are changed and I did a quick check with Googlebot to see if it can see any more references to p**n, and at the moment it appears to have vanished.

With that finally out of the way I could not help but reflect on the time I have managed to waste trying to rid Recruitment Views of its infection, not just in productivity but also the amount of quality time I did not spend with the family. Although my wife is convinced I am in love with the computer, I would have much preferred to have sat on the couch watching Emmerdale Farm with her, than at the computer all night 😉

Also surely these Hackers could be employed, instead of giving us grief. They are obviously talented or has the crisis just meant they needed to generate more income, so some bright spark sets off a virus to earn a few extra quid over Christmas or am I just a cynic!

Well  just maybe I can now get on with doing the job rather than fire fighting, but one thing is for sure these IT bods will be constantly in employment, until someone finds a way to stop computers crashing and viruses spreading, hmm and pigs might fly.

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