How to get your dream job- working title!


Hell I could do with a better title than this, maybe I should offer some Bitcoin/Litecoin for the best title! (Update, I will see end of this post) 2nd update as no one was able to think of a better title decided to donate the £10 to this charity in Ghana you should see the donation here on the blockchain as soon as I send it.

It has been a little while since I have been inspired to write something recruitment related, but today by shear coincidence I picked up on a guy called Mark Smalley who was looking for a job to work for Mozilla or Automattic. I came upon his request by accident as I am one of these obsessive Bitcoiners. I just want to say at this point I suspect you have read plenty of commentary on the subject, my advice is get some then you will then understand.

Now strangely it turns out that Mark is from my home town in Manchester and although he apparently left home when 16 and set up home in Exotic Malaysia, I also emigrated at the ripe old age of 41 to Granada in Spain.

As a result we both make a living via the internet and remotely and it seems we are both self taught in our own specialist areas.

So while visiting his website which is a new bitcoin wallet (Hence I picked up on the post) I read more and was fascinated by the software, particularly in getting it on the iphone, but more so by his tongue in cheek/humour which funny enough alerted me to the fact he came across as English.

So what inspired me was that he was doing all this work not necessarily to sell the software but to get his dream job with two companies he has a strong belief in. So as I am still a recruiter at heart I thought I would help by giving it a push in some recruitment circles.

What I have learnt is that this attitude will succeed and Mark will get his dream job, it may not always be the one he expects but it is this attitude that makes things happen.

So having written this post I have decided to give £10’s worth of bitcoin for the best title to this post and for the ten runners up of 10 p each NB 10p seems tight, but it kind of explains why crypto currencies will work.

While I was writing this I suddenly thought that if a company ends up employing Mark, maybe they should send me the first finders fee in bitcoins or at least the price of a pint 😉

Bitcoin Address 1JbNcC2GfCTAcKqkzwVrmiMgwYjYH691Ch

Litecoin address LYYx7GRycq13TDRCTGnmAm3gA9tXd9sTSJ



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