Recruitment Bloggers Unite or is that fight!

To be honest the UK recruitment bloggers I know are a great bunch, always willing to help each other. So as Louise launches her UK Blogger of the year, the fighting gloves come off to win this converted accolade.

But before I cast my vote I thought I would check out my own blogroll, to see who is missing and although I do not want to include more to the list and thereby limiting my chances 😉 I certainly feel that some of the below are worthy of your vote. A few of which may be under the radar as they focus on their own recruitment sector, which in my humble opinion is what a recruitment blog is all about, well that is if you are still a recruiter of course!

So just a few more to consider are as follows:

careerplayer All about careers and videos
hjafands plain and not the best design, but functional updated regularly and includes their latest vacancies, making sure they get found on Google of course. Mike if you need your blog updating let me know 😉
freshminds talent excellent site well structured and well written
legal recruitment an excellent blog, often gets missed as it is aimed at the legal profession
Mr Resourceful written by Nic Tomlinson of HTS Specialist Recruiters, sorry Nic just noticed you moved your blog, Oh a link to your own company would be a good idea!
Prefio Aimed solely to the property market, although I find it a little confusing in its layout, not very blog looking if you get my meaning
View from a Hill Sue Hill’s recruitment blog, again well written but I am surprised she has no link going from her blog to her website, missed opportunities!
TFPL recruitment blog Recruit in Knowledge and Information, says it all really
The Blunter Headhunter Now I am surprised this one isn’t on the list, as it is one of the more controversial

And the ones who have seemed to have lost their way

Bornto Advise Not written since july

Tag Recruitment blog An example on how it can go wrong 5 posts then that was it!

But of course if you feel I am still worth a vote then please feel free…


  1. Just spotted your blog and thankyou very much for adding my blog (Prefio) as one to consider. Would be really interested in your further thoughts re it being a bit confusing on layout – is that a structure issue or content issue? I’ll be the first to say that it’s probably a touch more formal than a classic blob but if I can change anything to make it more accessible I’ll certainly try.



  2. Hi Stephen,

    Great blog, and very gentlemanly of you to draw attention to your ‘rivals’! That alone deserves a vote in my book…

    Many thanks for the mention – and for the tip (have given myself a crash course in embarrassingly basic HTML and added a picture link to the blog!)

    All best,

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