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Sinking Ship!

I like to think that I am the eternal optimist, but you know when things are getting bad when you read this kind of report from the Telegraph, which I came across the other day entitled “Recession will send 1 Million Immigrant workers home”

The article goes on to say that it is probably the worst exodus since world war 1, and here in Spain the government are paying for immigrant workers to go home, saying that it will be cheaper in the long term.

Today I picked up a TV report on Youtube from Bangalore, India saying that even the huge growth of their outsourced IT services, are now slowing down with a reduction in recruitment of its IT staff.

It’s amazing, it doesn’t seem that long ago when we were complaining about these workers taking our jobs!

The video report from Bangalore is below or follow this link

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  1. Interesting. Personally, I don’t believe in Holland we’ll hit a recession. Not really. UK and US are different stories. I think the UK is the perfect ‘wave breaker’ for the Tsunami comming our way to be honest. It won’t hit continental Europe so hard.

    The fear I have is… fear. Everybody is taking about recession and crisis and that leads to lack of confidence. And since the entire economy has been build on confidence, we have a problem then. Why do we give value to a piece of paper? Because it says: euro or pound on it? It’s the same with the entire economy, and we really need to keep the faith…

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