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Tony Blair's Resignation Speech

Watching Tony Blair’s resignation speech on the BBC today, made me think back to an article I wrote some time back, I couldn’t help feel he used similar examples from other statesmen resignation speeches, as it was well choreographed covering his 10 years of work while he was the Prime Minister.

Whether you liked it or not or even agreed with his policies, he knows how to deliver a speech, and although politically I was not with him, I respect him as a statesman.

When it comes to resigning how many of us can look back and say we made a difference, maybe not on the big stage but within the company we work for. So many of us these days leave after only 2 or 3 years of service and move on without fulfilling our promises to our self or to our employer.

What I liked about Tony Blair’s resignation speech was not that it was well put together in regards to an open summary of his last 10 years, it was how he dealt with the negatives and turned them into positives, which is something we all do when it comes to selling our self to a future employer. What I did like was his personal touch emphasizing the family man with dreams and ambitions and to pick his local constituency rather than 10 Downing Street, which in a way thanks the people who supported him at the very beginning.

What did make me laugh was his final sentence in regards to England now a leader rather than a follower, reminded me of the video that Jim Stoud came across a couple of months back, which I have embedded below it, I hope Jim doesn’t mind!

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