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The Best Client Recruitment Website for 2008, well sofar!

Hewitt Associates LogoRecently I have been receiving more and more requests for links to recruitment companies from their SEO’s, as it helps improve their rankings. This is fine but the most recent I thought was the most cheeky. The company in question wanted me to include a link for Hewitt Associates, whoops there it is!!! The best part was in return I get a link for some boarding school in America, oh lucky me.

What can you say to that, well I replied and said pay me a small fee and I will give you a link, at the end of the day Hewitt can afford it and I am still waiting!

So after this disappointing request I thought I would take a look anyway. On doing so I was so impressed I decided to write a small article, lucky them I say.

So dropping the sarcasm Hewitt Associates have put together, or should I say their design company Glass have created one of the best recruitment websites I have seen from an employer for some time. I believe they are worthy of a nomination on NORAS, their site is aiming to pull in  graduates for a career in pensions and Investments management, oh and for you recruiters out their I believe they are looking for about 30 to 40 consultants.

The videos explaining the roles of the consultant is superbly executed and add to the visitors experience, for me the only thing that lets it down is its integration to their CRM software, on which I will have more to say in the next week or so.

So to check it out go to  and maybe someone from Hewitt will thank me.


  1. Stephen,

    Well ‘found’!! I agree with you, it is a really nice clean, straightforward grad site. Nothing complex just a well guided menu, that does what is says on the tin! Good content as well.
    So Hewitts, bloody well pay up your referral fee you tight b*****ds!!


  2. Hewitt have done a great job with a great site using the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid) – graduates spend hours trying to navigate through sites just to see if the company has a graduate program and they loose interest very quickly if they cant find what they are looking for. Well done Hewitt and its good to see video streaming technology being used effectively.
    Lisa Scales
    Talent On View Ltd

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