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Name and Shame

I have been holding back for a while before I wrote this post, as I wanted to give the company in question time to respond!

It seems not, so I will continue. I was partly inspired by a recent post from Gareth Osborne on “It’s time for a change at the top of recruitment”, because when looking back on my career I was happiest when I was just recruiting. OK it’s fantastic being promoted to Manager then Director, but the heartache of training new young things just to loose your clients was so frustrating, Gareth is so right in how it could be done better.

There is unfortunately an obsession in this industry to recruit young guns to train and promote, when in truth the best are not necessarily the young. How can someone in their twenties give good careers advice to any job hunter or client, as a professional you want to deal with professionals.

I couldn’t help laugh at a recent thread on UKRecruiter “don’t call me mate“, can people honestly believe this is acceptable when it comes to doing business, it almost sums up what some companies produce these days.

The second part in wanting to have a dig, is to name a so called professional company who recently advertised for a European Recruitment Consultant on Linkedin. As it was so relevant I couldn’t help get in touch, knowing how ideally suited I was even though I wasn’t serious in a move. I thought it would be at least worth getting Linkedin and seeing their reaction.

Guess what this company did not have the decency to reply as someone worth Linking in with!

Still I persued the contact just in case the email went missing, on the third attempt I managed to get a reply

Hi Stephen,

Your background is not relevant for any positions we have available.



Now I maybe assuming here that Robson Taylor fits into this bring them in young and burn them out, I will let you guess, but it certainly strikes me as though they are a company full of their own self importance or was it me?

Fortunately I was not looking for a job, but I cannot help think how short sighted David could be or was David Greenwood just being ageist!

So to finish on one thought;

I had the pleasure of working with a very successful recruiter who billed more business than anyone else at this well known Recruitment Company, but what made her achievement so special was she worked part-time to bring up her children.


  1. Surely the recruiter got it right in your linkedin example, They weeded out a candidate (you) who wasn’t serious about looking for a new position. I’m actually quite surprised that a professional within the recruitment industry would go around applying for jobs that they actually had no interest in seriously applying for.

  2. A good point Ben, but have you heard of the term passive candidate, because that is what I was. Someone not unnecessarily looking but just maybe for the right opportunity. It was up David to try to hook me.

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