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Which is the Best Health Care Recruitment Agency?

Having worked in Healthcare Recruitment for 10 years I should have some idea, which is the best health care recruitment agency to use, but as you go into more detail, it actually becomes more complicated because there are different recruitment consultancies that specialise in different areas, so it would be unfair of me to give any definitive choice.

To take this forward I will recommend a couple of Heath Care Agencies I know, and if you would like to recommend a Recruitment Consultancy that has served you well, then we all can benefit.

I think when it comes to Healthcare Recruitment Consultancies and Consultancies in general, the same thing applies, you should register with more than one and include a well-established recruitment agency within that choice, as they will have a larger bank of clients. (An interesting fact here, is they are not necessarily the most liked by candidates, which often relates to the amount of vacancies and candidates they handle on a day to day basis, so customer service can often go out of the window!) Also you may not be aware of, is that Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies will only work with preferred suppliers, so if you are register with just one agency there is a chance you are missing out on other opportunities.

To balance the above statement it is also worth registering with the newest Healthcare Agencies, because you will often find they made up of very successful Recruitment Consultants, who have now started on there own, and as a result they will work 110% harder on your case.

As a starting point I am going to recommend two companies, mainly because I trained the MD’s of these companies and secondly they are still friends, not a very scientific approach but in recruitment, recommendations do go a long way, so don’t forget please recommend anyone you feel deserves a mention.

The first is a company called they specialise in Pharmaceutical Sales Recruitment and now have an impressive client list. I am sure one of the key factors to there success is that one of the partners is an ex manager of a very well known pharmaceutical company.

The second company I will recommend is they specialise in healthcare sales and I worked with Nick Langley when I started in Healthcare Recruitment all those years ago and I know that they deal with most healthcare companies out there. Other than that I would appreciate any experience you have had whether it be good or bad with companies you have used.

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