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Too much knowledge can be dangerous!

Or should that be not enough. Last week proved to be a little difficult, after the revamp of recruitment views. Since then I have been  getting less and less visits, all because I messed up the permalinks and they ended up not being pretty any more.

Fortunately things seem almost back to normal, although there is still some work to do. Now although this isn’t recruitment related, it is one of the things you need to do when it comes to website optimisation for Google.

Moving on I thought I would give another mention to Huxley Associates, who have won another prize. Mind you this seems to be getting easy for them, as its the 5th time they have managed to win the “Great Places to Work” Award by the institute. Still it may explains their inability to write good recruitment ads, as it seems they are having too much of a good time!

On another note I was pleased to see Travelodge addressing the Long-term unemployed issue with a real positive attitude, it takes me back when I first started out in recruitment when I had a short spell with “The Job Centres” helping disabled find work. I am also sure many recruiters often interview these candidates and believe they have something to offer, but trying to get that across to some companies can prove almost impossible at times.

I know recruiters get a bad name, but often its just cover for some of our clients who are in fact discriminating against all but asunder.

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